Who are we?

We ‘Play as a Team.’  It brings out the best in us and delivers leveraged results for our clients.

We are a national community of experienced Business Coaches who work with business owners, and leaders to create lasting impact. Together, we support and develop our clients (and each other) bringing and sharing the best thought leadership, frameworks and experiences to the table. Knowledge shared is wisdom amplified and that brings real value to all our clients.

All our coaches are members of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (Asia Pacific Region) and abide by the EMCC Global Code of Ethics, Diversity & Inclusion Policy, GDPR Privacy Rules, and the Professional Charter for Coaching & Mentoring, as approved by the European Union.

Each of us is a full time professional coach and mentor and we’ve worked, learnt from, played and shared seriously good red wine with one another for a long time!

Ak Sabbagh - Director

With over 18 years of coaching experience behind him, Ak works with Boards, Senior Executives, Teams, Business Units and owners of Mid- Tier businesses on their commercial, cultural and personal growth.

In a nutshell, he inspires Confidence, Leadership, Focus and Clarity within those he works with. Specifically, he enjoys working with people to create robust Growth Strategies for their business. This includes working on product positioning and brand strategies, developing robust channels to market, and structuring businesses to maximise revenue, sales (and ultimately profit).

While the outcome for many clients results in an increased asset/commercial value, Ak delights in seeing his clients get more out of life in general, in finding the time for their families and striking an overall balance in life.

Based in Western Australia, Ak’s clients include a diverse range of Resource Industry (Hard Rock & Oil and Gas) businesses as well as businesses servicing that industry.

He also coaches businesses within other industry sectors including Banking, Financial Planning, Accounting, Property Development, Legal, Biotechnology, Government (Federal, State & Local), Health & Education Sectors, Real Estate, Engineering and Construction, Advertising, Hospitality, IT, and Manufacturing.

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Margaret Armitage - Coach and Mentor

Transitioning into a coaching and mentoring career after two decades in management and business development in the competitive software industry in Australia and South East Asia, Margaret brings a long history of establishing new markets and territories and the ability to identify opportunities with potential.

She has worked at executive management level for publicly listed companies, helped grow small businesses into national market leaders and works with not-for-profit groups to build sustainability.

She joins in with Executives, Leadership Teams, Principals, Board Members and Volunteer workers in a cross-section of industries to strengthen their culture and purpose, and achieve growth by identifying unexplored avenues and developing new revenue streams.

Margaret’s years of experience enable her to get alongside established management teams and senior leaders as well as emerging leaders, to identify tools and techniques to hone their capabilities; stretch their goals; take up new challenges; and develop their strengths to full capacity enabling realisation of their potential.

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Trish Head shot

Trish Mason - Business Operations Manager

At Beckon Business we coach our clients that the team who support the business are the lifeblood of that business.  Without them, nothing really happens!

Trish is our lifeblood team member.  As our Business Operations Manager she makes things happen behind the scenes so that we shine in front of our clients.  Thanks Trish!

Prior to being a professional Business Operations Manager to demanding CEOs and Coaches, Trish worked within the mining and construction industry for over 10 years.  She has held various roles in the industry including those of HSE Administrator, HR Site Access Coordinator and Project Administration.

Trish is well versed in the cut and thrust of growing a business, having been a co-founder and partner in her family business since 2007.

With 2 young daughters, a husband with a demanding remote on-site role, and a few Executives she must manage, Trish reckons that she has enough time to enroll in a university degree in Accounting to build on her Certificate IV in Accounting, Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety and Certificate in Bookkeeping.  We think she’s crazy but wouldn’t have it any other way! 

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Our Associates

Pat Skalsky - Associate Coach and Mentor

Pat is a Certified EMCC Master Practitioner Coach and Mentor and holds a Master of Business Coaching.

With over 10 years of full-time coaching experience behind her, Pat works with Boards, Senior Executives, and owners of Mid- Tier businesses on their leadership skills.

Pat finds as leaders get promoted to more senior positions, they find it increasingly difficult to navigate the leadership challenges in today’s fast changing environment, it is here she helps specifically with:

  • Career Progression (stress, new relationships, team dynamics, and work life balance)
  • Executive Presence (confidence and visibility, self-awareness, profile and personal branding)
  • Management to Leadership (working on the business vs in the business)
  • Influential Leadership (building reputation, enhanced skill set and presence)

Pat is a ‘diehard’ advocate for women in business, with her greatest sense of achievement seeing women own their value as they journey through their career. In this capacity, she has supported sole female Board Directors; newly appointed CEO’s and those executives whose roles include the challenges of diversity and inclusion that come with expanded regional responsibilities.

She is the Director of Sydney based Entrain – Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting.  Prior to Entrain, she was a Partner and a Senior Coach with AltusQ where she was also a Board Director from 2018-2019. She is currently Director and Board Member of Darlinghurst Theatre.

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Chris Collings - Associate Coach and Mentor​

Chris Collings is an accredited Advanced Coaching Practitioner, and holds certifications for the Leadership Circle 360 tool, and the Market Force ‘Agile Styles’ team effectiveness framework.

Based in Sydney, Chris works with a range of organisations from ASX listed companies, to rapidly growing mid-tier firms and a number of Not-For-Profit organisations. His coaching client base include firms in the Banking, Fintech, Music,  Insurance, Healthcare, Wine, Indigenous Health, Funds Management, Hospitality, Financial Planning, Construction, Legal and Children’s Health industries.

Chris delivers both personal and business growth via a process he likes to call ‘caring challenge’. He works alongside his clients to help them truly understand the contextual drivers of the business or decision at hand, and then move them towards accelerated growth.

Chris works with Boards, CEO’s and Senior Management teams on Growth Strategies, while his one-on-one work incorporates succession planning, career progression mentoring, and Leadership Development.

Recent assignments have seen Chris assist the Board of a large Family Office establish a succession and governance structure, assist the CEO of an ASX-listed technology company to clearly define a new strategic direction for the firm, mentor a newly appointed CEO of a rapidly growing Funds Management business to adapt into his role, and work with the CEO & management team of an Indigenous NFP organisation to clearly articulate & document their next growth strategy phase.

Before commencing his coaching career Chris was a Senior Managing Director for Deutsche Bank in London, Europe, Asia and Australia, where he guided large regional and national teams through rapid growth, cultural change and external crisis.

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Chris Spinks - Associate Coach and Mentor

Chris Spinks is an Accredited Coaching Director who specializes in high performing individuals and teams. His depth of knowledge in human performance has spanned 20 years of Olympic, Paralympic campaigns, World Championships and the highest level of domestic competition. He has worked with Olympic Champions and
Medallists, World Record holders and some of Australia’s highest profile professional athletes and coaches.

Chris works with Boards, Senior Executives, Teams, Business Units and owners of small and mid-tier businesses as well as sporting organizations on their strategic drivers, cultural standards, behavioural practices and personal development and performance.

Chris thrives on helping people perform at their best. Supporting individuals to achieve what was previously thought impossible, or at least very difficult is a driving passion. He enables people with the skills, attitudes and frameworks to perform as the leader they so desire to be.

Chris is fascinated by teams and is determined to ensure businesses reap the benefit that teams can provide both commercially and culturally.

Using a multi-modal approach, he coaches teams across Team Leadership, Team
Membership, Team Dynamics, Team Norms, Team Values & Behaviours and Team Effectiveness (Performance).

Based in Sydney, Chris’s clients include a diverse range of finance sector, arts, sport, manufacturing industry, technology and non-for-profit.

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Dan Wright - Associate Coach and Mentor

Dan is an internationally accredited business mentor and coach with over 30 years of industry experience. Throughout this time, Dan has completed studies in general management, business and law and has worked in leadership roles at a range of multinational firms around the world.

With a passion for knowledge and supporting others on their learning journeys, Dan’s primary goal for his clients is to see their businesses thrive and to help them experience greater enjoyment from working in their business.

He does this by really listening to his clients and working with them to get a clear, structured and achievable business vision. Once the vision is clear, he coaches them and their teams to bring in new skills as well as focus and accountability to achieve their version of success – whatever that may be.

He continues strengthening Australia’s partnership with the EMCC and the wider coaching community in Asia Pacific as Vice President Operations EMCC Asia Pacific Region from 2018.

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