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The Beckon Business blog is a reflection of the insights we gain and share from the work we do with our clients.

Vacuum bigger killer than the Virus?

Just got off the “Zoomiverse” from countless calls to clients and contacts this morning.  Key themes coming out are around keeping staff connected and engaged, motivated and focussed. What I’ve heard is that younger staff who haven’t experienced a major

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All Choked up and Nowhere to go?

The Holden drama, or soap opera as one of my colleagues calls it, that we have seen play out in the last few weeks has raised commentary from many quarters on what should have been done and what could be

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Food for Thought

Like many of us, I have an interest in good food and good business.  In recent days I have been following the George Calombaris story in the press and it’s brought up a few key principles in business that are

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