What we do?

Growth and Strategy

Get aligned on simple, clear and workable strategies to grow your business, build equity value and elevate yourself from working "in" to working "on" your business.

Build Stronger Teams

Strong teams create positive energy and high performance cultures. 

Be it Board level, C-Suite, Management or Project, we work with all kinds of teams to build enduring alignment, depth, and trust. 

Focus and Challenge

The real game is played between your ears. Mindset amplifies skillset.

Become the best possible version of yourself while building your business, leading your team and making empowered choices.

Growth • Strategy • Insight

Is your business growing so rapidly that everything is moving too fast and it feels frustrating or stressful?

Have you hit a brick wall? Growth, your partners and the business are no longer aligned, and the future direction seems unclear.

Beckon’s Vision for Growth programs are for businesses experiencing scenarios like these. The programs involve in-depth exploration of the purpose and vision you have for your business and how these align with you, your business partners, teams, structure, culture and values. We work with you to create the strategy and the action plan required to break free and move forward.

To discuss bringing YOUR passion and ambitions to fruition, contact us.

Communicate • Trust • Build

The most effective teams are those that communicate well with each other, cultivate an environment of trust and enjoy strong relationships with their colleagues. Beckon Business works with executive teams, boards and leadership groups at off-site sessions and multi-day retreats to provide team coaching that enables the development of new skills, improved self-awareness and the confidence to work together effectively. These team development sessions combine a personal and strategic focus. What the team brings back includes organisational values and goals aligned with each team member’s values and goals. It offers:
  • a stronger, high performing team that understands how its members work together best
  • practical, no-nonsense advice and actions
  • lasting behavioural change
  • an empowering, positive and powerful coaching process
  • a leadership group that return to their organizational units re-energized, excited and aligned

Focus • Challenge • Define

Executives and business leaders constantly juggle long and short term priorities, multiple stakeholders and a multitude of issues that demand their attention. It can be easy to lose focus, delegate less and fight immediate fires that take attention away from the bigger picture.

The “Sharpen the Axe” program is a one-day session designed to help leaders focus their mindset, enabling a clear and measured approach to achieving business objectives.

Looking at individual leadership styles and skills, participants take a deep dive into how they and others perceive their leadership and learn invaluable coaching and mentoring skills that enable more effective connection with the people they lead.

Participants of these programs leave with:

  • improved personal insight
  • defined actions to work on and
  • a plan for effective leadership performance going forward.

Business is personal. Each business is unique and this is why we customise our programs to ensure the best outcome for differing personality and leadership styles.

Leading Mindsets:

If you are a leader who really wants to develop your mindset and skillset, and you seek a challenging, provocative and sometimes confronting perspective of who you think you are and how others perceive you as a leader, then the Leading Mindsets program is for you.

Designed for individual leaders and leadership teams the Leading Mindsets program provides a tailored leadership development program that incorporates The Leadership Circle profiling. The Leadership Circle is one of the most powerful and profound 360 Feedback tools we have ever found that takes the conversation of what it means to lead in our complex world to new depths of understanding.